Meghan Markle: I was warned against marrying Prince Harry

  • PublishedNovember 1, 2019

Meghan Markle has revealed that she has been warned against marrying Prince Harry. She went ahead and married the Prince anyway, with the nuptials being televised globally.

The royal couple recently went on a tour to Southern Africa, the details of which were captured in the documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey . They brought their toddler now 5-month old son. Archie Mountbatten, with them to the tour.

It is in this documentary that the now Duchess of Sussex revealed that while most of her friends has been happy for her when they found out she was dating Prince Harry, her British friends warned her against getting married to him. Their reason was, getting married to Prince Harry will set off the British tabloids, and they would destroy her life.

Turns out their reasons were valid, for while the British tabloids had a relatively  mellow approach to her dating Prince Harry, they grew rabid and ever so brutal when the two got married. It does not help that Meghan has a strained relationship with her father, which seems to provide endless fodder for the tabloids.

Meghan says that while she tries not to think so much of what the tabloids say about he, some of which are untrue, it is hard not to feel hurt despite putting a strong front. She ran out of patience at one point and sued a publication that  published a letter from her father, a decision her husband endorsed.

While she now sees what her friends meant, she maintains that despite all she is glad that she her son and a doting husband, and that is pretty much all that matters to her.


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