For decades women have been at the forefront championing for an end to FGM. There's no surprise there considering it is a practice that affects us. It hurts those who have had the unnecessary procedure done and those who are next in line. Sympathizing with your fellow woman comes naturally but at the same time we have to remember that its also women who force their daughters into it. They cite being unable to live with the shame of being an outcast who does not adhere to cultural 'norms'.

End FGM;Equality Now

The problem therefore had to be tackled from the root; the keepers of the cultures in these communities, men. Womens' genitals are cut and sown half shut for the benefit of their husbands. It is believed that will keep them from straying but as we have come to see it  only comes with negative side effects. In come organizations like #menendfgm founded by Tony Mwebia. The award winners rally men and boys to join in the fight to end FGM. As a society unfortunately we are a long way from seeing men and women as equals, and having outsiders speak on FGM comes off as outlandish.

The untold turmoil of being brought up by a single mother
“These are things that ate me up from inside and created an emptiness within me, worse than even financial struggle. In my adolescent years it became worse, and I remember starting to lie that my dad was dead just to avoid many questions.”

The movement found a solution to this by raising funds to train boys and men to speak on the issue. They advocate for their sisters and future wives to stay as they were when born for their health, futures and to reduce mother and infant mortality rates. This in the end serves to benefit the community and it drives the point home when it comes from someone who speaks the same language as you who you also respect. The 440 trainees who will also train other men speak on other issues that surround FGM. Negative effects of child marriages and the physical and mental trauma that comes with all that.

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