Men fashion: What to wear for different types of first dates

Whether we like to admit it or not, first dates and first days in school are very similar. In both you have to make a good first impression without coming

  • PublishedApril 2, 2020

Whether we like to admit it or not, first dates and first days in school are very similar. In both you have to make a good first impression without coming off as over bearing, too cool or trying too hard. As such, picking the right outfit can be a hellish experience especially for men who more often than not strike out based on their outfits alone.

Based on that, outfits such as a three-piece suit, cargo pants or sports wear are definite no-nos unless your first date is a corporate event or a sports function. Below are some guidelines and outfit ideas to help you pick out the right outfit for the right event on your first date.

Dinner date

Dinner dates are as formal as a first dates can and should get. Although this suggests something uptight, it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve opted for a dinner date as the first date it is vital to tone down the formality by wearing a smart casual outfit. The smart casual outfit is one of the outfits most open to interpretation.

There are various ways you can dress up in a smart casual way from wearing dress shoes and dressing it down with a polo neck, to pairing loafers with a t-shirt, chinos and a sports jacket, However it is much better to keep things sleek and comfortable.

Therefore, you can never go wrong when you build your outfit around a white trainer. On top of being comfortable these bad boys give your outfit versatility and a sleek finish. It also helps your date feel like you take her seriously without seeming too uptight.

Casual date

You’ve asked her to do something fun and slightly active with you. It could be bowling or even maybe a picnic that could end up with you grabbing something to eat at your favorite spot. So, what do you wear in such a case?. The key to a casual date outfit is versatility and comfort considering the date might get a little active.

You can therefore never go wrong a crew neck sweater as the base of your outfit. This is because a good crew neck sweater can be dressed down in jeans and converse or dressed up in chinos and Chelsea boots. Crew necks ease into that sweet spot where your outfit seems edgy, relaxed, well thought out without seeming lazy. It is however important to ensure the fabric of your sweater is breathable and not too warm

After work date

You’ve asked her out for drinks after work but you may not necessarily have the time to plot out an entirely new outfit for the day, what next?. Trick is, you don’t have to. All you need to do is tweak what you had on during the day for a perfect first date outfit.

The most important thing is losing the formal wear like dress shirts and dress shoes and opting for something like a turtle neck and sneakers to complete the look. This helps you stand out and look like you put in effort whilst the little tweaks ensure you are fresh for your date.


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