Micro weave for a natural look

  • PublishedAugust 2, 2011

There are days when a woman can have a bad hair day, literally. Those are the days when one may be spotted walking around town wearing a bad hair extension, completely oblivious of the disarray on her head. It could make one feel the need to get a pair of scissors and chop the mess off the head. However, that need not happen as there are good hair extensions, which if well integrated, do not leave any lumps, braids, or any other indication that the hair is not one’s natural hair. A good example is the micro weave.

Micro weaving

This is a hair extension made from natural hair where thin strands of the hair are attached to one’s hair strands using a special thread. The hair can be added without gluing (fusion technique) or braiding (traditional weave) which means no damage and less time having them applied. This technique is great for achieving volume, adding highlights, or length to existing hair. The good news is that micro weaving is perfect for fine hair that’s difficult to style.

Micro weave hair extensions take about two to four hours to apply and are a much quicker alternative to achieving longer hair than growing the hair out naturally. They can last for two to three months if cared for properly.

Benefits of micro weaving

Because it is easy to maintain, it is ideal for hectic lifestyles, which involve early mornings, late nights, meetings, frequent travel and juggling home and career. A micro weave allows one to get on with life feeling and looking natural as it adds volume to naturally thin hair. Hair extensions can be applied to hair and then cut and styled leaving thick, gorgeous hair. If one’s hair is short and she would like it to appear longer, micro weave maybe the solution to add length to short hair.

Micro weaves provide an excellent way to put colour highlights or lowlights without colouring the hair. The micro weaving technique is safe and painless and it allows the natural hair to grow normally. The hair extensions can be washed, dried and straightened out as they are of best quality – 100 per cent human hair. If the weave is well taken of, it can be re-used. Micro weaves are readily available in Kenya at affordable prices.

Tips on micro weave care

.Brush the hair daily to detangle the natural hair as it grows.

.Cover the hair in a satin hair scarf when sleeping.

.Use light oils to moisturise the scalp while avoiding heavy petroleum-based products as they make the weave loose its sheen. To keep the hair lustrous, use sheen spray.

.Hair may be coloured as desired. For a fabulous, fuller look, flat ironing, tonging or roller setting can give amazing results.

.Deep condition the natural hair and the extension strands every fortnight using professional hair products.

.The weave should only be removed by salon services to reduce chances of hair loss.

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