More money won’t make you as happy as a healthy sex life – study

  • PublishedOctober 1, 2017

A new study has found that sex and sleep are the top indicators of happiness

While many might think that being able to afford that dream mansion and multi million-rand sports car is the key to ultimate happiness, a new study by Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research says differently.

The study was based on a 60-question survey which 8 250 participants from the UK filled out, the purpose of which was to ascertain what “living well” meant for most people. The comprehensive survey looked at everything from finances and job security to quality of sleep and relationships with friends and family.

Surprisingly, financial stability didn’t top the list. The study showed that the five most significant features of happiness and well being were:

Sleep quality
Sex life
Job security
Health of close relatives
Having conversations with neighbors

Researchers explained that individuals with a healthy sex life and who experienced good sleep had higher “living well” scores than those with a high income. In fact, a substantial salary had little impact on scores. And while a high income wasn’t as important, job security was.

The study noted that a healthy sex life doesn’t necessarily equate to having lots of sex, and instead indicates happiness with the frequency and quality of your sex life.

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