Nameless and Wahu speak on raising girls in the lime light

  • PublishedMay 31, 2018

Wahu and Nameless have been married about 12 years, they have been blessed with two girls. Many parents find it difficult to raise their children in the 21st century. It can be even harder when their parents are celebrities.  Nameless (David Mathenge) and Wahu Kagwi share their secrets to raising their girls in the lime light.

Be on the same page

The couple have learned to put up a united front. It is important for them to make sure that they are on the same page, they evaluate and re-evaluate their parenting skills. They acknowledge that each of their girls are different and have different personalities and because of this, each child is treated and handled differently.  There calls for times to be harsh and times to be lenient. Then later regroup and see it their approach was effective.

Communication is key

The couple have learned to make sure that they are the source of any information that is to get to the public. They will tell their girls about what they are up to career wise, who it involves and what it is about. This is so that the kids are fully aware and always have the truth before it is distorted. They also allow the kids to ask questions and enquirer and they then clarify on anything.

Only teach by example

Through your children you learn a lot about yourself. You realize that your the standard measure to the children and therefore to get the best for your children you must be the best. Nameless narrates a story of how he had to start wearing shoes when going outside so his daughter would wear shoes when going outside.  It also extends to the things that we teach them such as being the best that they can be. Wahu finishes by saying I first have to be the best I can be before telling them to.


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