Natural ways to conquer premature ejaculation

Have longer foreplay Forget the home run; having longer foreplay can rev up your arousal and your likelihood of having an orgasm. It also helps to delay a man’s ejaculation

  • PublishedAugust 28, 2017

Have longer foreplay

Forget the home run; having longer foreplay can rev up your arousal and your likelihood of having an orgasm. It also helps to delay a man’s ejaculation as you and your partner discover things about each other’s body and learn new ways to please each other.

According to experts, longer foreplay also helps improve your relationship by reducing dissatisfaction, frustration and performance-related anxiety. It would therefore be prudent to focus on making out instead of jumping right into penetration.

Incorporate behavioural technique

Even though it offers a temporary reprieve, the start-stop and squeeze technique often proves effective when it comes to conquering ejaculation. On average, it is said that 50 to 95 per cent of men who use this sexual technique manage to overcome the condition.

Created by the famous sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the squeeze technique entails withdrawing the head of the penis during sexual intercourse and then squeezing it until the feeling of ejaculation passes, after which intercourse is resumed.

Although effective, it requires sexual interruption, is cumbersome and demands a very cooperative partner. However, it is worth noting that men whose premature ejaculation is as a result of being over-sensitive rather than being excessively anxious might not benefit from this technique.

Distract your mind

Once you feel you are about to ejaculate, try and distract your mind. Think about something distractively boring or even annoying. This will help delay ejaculation hence giving your partner time to gain control. Another way is that you can
take a deep breath before ejaculation as it helps to delay orgasm by slowing ejaculation and stimulation.


Sex exercise such as Kegels can help avert premature ejaculation. Kegels help tighten the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles of the pelvic floor in both men and women. One of the ways to incorporate kegels exercise is to control the flow of urine by starting and stopping it repeatedly.

You can practice this anywhere by simply tightening your PC muscles and holding for a count of 10, then releasing. The stronger your PC muscles, the easier it is to exercise ejaculatory control when you feel you are approaching the point of inevitability.

Press, don’t thrust

Tease your partner by pressing the head of your penis into her clitoral head and linger in her vaginal entrance where the most sensitive nerve endings are. When you do have intercourse, focus on small, shallow movements that penetrate the first two to three inches of her vaginal canal and press your penis against her
G-spot. You will last longer if you are not thrusting vigorously.

Show her courtesy

Keep your woman happy. Women have an innate capacity to experience multiple orgasms and when you help her to her first one, it relieves you of some of the pressure to please and the psychological anxiety that feeds into ejaculation. Use everything at your disposal including your finger and mouth to ensure your partner orgasms before you.

Although it’s advisable to try natural ways to remedy the situation, it is prudent to visit a doctor so as to ascertain the underlying cause of your condition. The doctor will then be in a better position to advise on a treatment regimen.

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