Over 20 primary schools in Baringo North risk being shut down due to the prolonged drought which has hit the area resulting into food shortage.

A week into the second term and a number of pupils have not reported to their schools due to lack of food in the area.

“The enrolment has drastically reduced from 250 last term to 150. The situation was not that bad last term, but it has now worsened due to the long dry spell,”  Yatya Primary School headteacher, Thomas Kiburet told  the Daily Nation.

Last year, the pupils from Yatya Primary used to rely on the one meal which used to be provided by the school. However, the feeding program was stopped about two terms ago causing some of the pupils to skip school.

“We used to get food from the national government, but we have not received any since last year due to what has been cited by the Ministry of Education as lack of funding from the national government,” Mr Kiburet said.

Other pupils have abandoned school due to poverty in their homes which has been escalated by the regular bandit attacks and cattle theft.

“Being an area prone to perennial insecurity, most families have been rendered paupers after all their livestock were wiped out by armed criminals. Most families cannot even afford a single meal. The school had more than 181 pupils last term and there are now 140. I am told some have decided to just stay at home due to lack of food,” said  Kagir Primary School Headteacher, Joseph Kibet.

Other schools that have been badly hit by the drought in Baringo North are: Chepkesin, Kaborion, Chemoe, Ng’ aratuko, Kosile, Rormoch, Tuluk, Moinonin, Kapkomon, Sibilo, Kamwetio, Chepkew, Tilingwo, Rondinin, Barketiew, Barsuswo, Loruk and Kapturo.

However, the Baringo North Deputy County Commissioner, Obwocha Bobwocha told Daily Nation that he had not received any reports of a food crisis in the aforementioned schools.