Owner Behind Solai Dam That Killed 48 People

  • PublishedMay 12, 2018

The owner behind Solai Dam, which broke its banks on Wednesday night killing over 40 people has been identified.

Patel Mansukul is described as quiet and reclusive by Solai villagers.

According to an article run by The Standard, the dam which broke its banks was one of seven, Patel had on his farm.

The Patel Coffee Estate is said to have spanned over 2000 acres and had just as many employees.

According to pulselive.co.Ke, while Patel had built classrooms for the nearby Solai Primary School, neighbours say they never had access to the water even in times of crisis.

The damage from the dam disaster has span over 2 villages, sweeping everything on its path.

So far, the death toll according to officials is said to be at  48 but could be higher.

40 other people are yet to be accounted for.

500 have been families have been displaced.

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