Participating in sports and recreational activities is a great way for children to be physically active. However, sports activities and physical training are likely to incur injuries to children.

Parents, therefore, have a responsibility to ensure their kids are exposed to low risks of injuries. 

Here are ways to ensure your sporty child’s safety:

Identify injuries and treat them early

You should always be observant of your child. If they have a limp or are regularly rubbing their legs, they should be pulled out of play. You should also ensure they see a doctor for treatment to prevent the damage from progressing. Your child should never go back to the sports before an injury has had a chance to fully heal.

Have proper equipment

As much as some sports can be risky and dangerous, most of them have specific protective gear. Protective gear help prevent injuries. Parents should talk to coaches to  know the protective gear needed. Such gear include helmets, eye-protection, pads, mouth guards and protective cups. Ensure your child wears the appropriate gear before playing.

Healthy and well-balanced diet

Ensure that your child eats a well-balanced diet and that they maintain a regular eating schedule. Fruits, lean proteins and vegetables are recommended for sporty kids. This should be accompanied by adequate water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration may cause nausea, vomiting or fainting.

Ensure they rest

Your child should get rest between practices, events and games. They are likely to get injuries if they get inadequate rest. Too much sports and not enough rest leads to overuse injuries. Furthermore, giving your child rest time ensures they recuperate before the next season.

Do a sports physical regularly 

Always ensure that your child is fit to play by conducting a physical regularly. This will help address any concerning issues before they resume sports activities. It will prevent your child from further injuring themselves and therefore treat existing injuries.