Parents 'bribing' their children to get them to do homework and sleep

  • PublishedAugust 13, 2019

A survey conducted by Halifax in the United Kingdom, has revealed very outrageous details on how parents are ‘bribing’ their children to get them to do homework, get to bed and off their phones.

Nearly a quarter of the 500 respondents revealed that they have had to give their kids pocket money to get them off their phones, tablets and laptops. They revealed that the children still put the money back to film, gaming and TV streaming.

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Increase in the ‘bribes’

The survey reveals that they receive approximately 960 shillings per week up from the 872 shillings they used to receive in 2018.

20 percent of the parents have gone to an extent of giving them money to ensure they sleep with 15 percent of them also giving them money to get them to sleep.

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60 percent of the parents pay their children to do chores including cleaning their rooms and utensils.


Of the pocket money given, 42 percent of the money is spent on sweets, 31 percent on paying for gaming and 30 percent for buying toys.


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