Pasta can help you stay slim

  • PublishedJuly 12, 2019

Studies show that pasta can help keep you slim. Here are five ways to enjoy your pasta while keeping the calories down:

Keep it plain: Cheese and ham fillings add extra calories and fat. Choose plain, dried pasta.

Team with tomatoes: Tomato-based pasta sauce is lower in calories and fat than creamy ones.

Think fist: Stick to a serving that’s the size of your balled fist. Eating too much of pasta will pile up the calories.

Eat it wholegrain: Wholegrain pasta has three times more fiber and anemia-protective iron, and twice the zinc of white pasta.

Have it reheated: The starch in pasta is hard to digest when it’s been chilled after cooking, meaning your body will extract fewer calories from it. Ensure to eat your pasta warmed.

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