Kidney Transplant Gives Man SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE

  • PublishedJuly 12, 2019

When Charles Lepoora’s wife broke the news that she was expecting a baby, Charles was elated. He looked forward to meeting his third-born child. And when she came, Charles happily took his one-month paternity leave so as to not only help his wife, but also spend time with the baby.

Barely two weeks into his leave, Charles, who hails from Wamba in Samburu County, started ailing! He frequently experienced episodes of vomiting and general body weakness. But his health was a non-issue to him and he chose instead to concentrate on his wife and baby.

The symptoms persisted and he felt he needed medical attention. He thus visited the nearby Catholic Mission Hospital where he was treated, or so he thought, and he felt better. His relief was short lived as he soon began excreting salt all over his body. He was rushed to hospital where he was admitted. Being the bread winner of his young family, this marked the beginning of tough times.

What made it even harder was the fact that they didn’t know what ailed him as the hospital was unable to do a diagnosis.

Time was running out and fast! Charles had to be transferred to Kiirua Mission Hospital in Meru, which was 153km away from his village town. It was here that Charles was informed that his kidney was failing and thus needed to be on dialysis twice every week for the rest of his life. Not only was this costly, but also physically, emotionally and psychologically draining to him and his wife.

Dialysis can be disabling and for a young man like Charles; he needed a more sustainable solution. It is then that he was referred to Dr Frank Mwongera, a kidney specialist in Nairobi who offered a viable solution – kidney transplant.

It was a relief to know that there was hope for leading a normal life. One problem though; even with a willing kidney donor, he could hardly afford the cost of a transplant. The community had been immensely supportive but the amount raised was inadequate.

Dr Mwongera had a lot of faith with Charles and being at his prime age, he felt the need to go an extra mile for him. He successfully engaged The Nairobi Hospital to offer a helping hand.

It’s exactly one year since Charles went through a successful kidney transplant, and he cannot help but share his joy. He has been able to comfortably resume work and provide for his family. He has also been able to create a bond with his children, and more so with his only daughter. Most importantly, the aspect of hope was restored, not just for him but also for his family and community.

Kidney transplant is not just a form of physical treatment. It is an emotional, psychological healer and a quality of life improver for the recipient, the donor and their loved ones. Above all, it is closer and convenient for you in Kenya at The Nairobi Hospital. This is not just a hospital, it is an institution that is determined to improve the quality of your life in an atmosphere of care, trust and safety!

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