Put up an artificial Christmas tree

If you are on a budget, invest in a good artificial Christmas tree. The advantage to owning this kind of tree is that it can be reused, comes in different colours and prices, which vary with the size. To decorate the tree, add some fairy lights, some do-it-yourself colorful ornaments, balloons, paper cut out star and red ribbons.

Light up some scented candles

What’s more amazing than having your house smell like a bakery or cinnamon during this holiday? You don’t necessarily have to purchase new set of candles, reuse the old ones and let the Christmas spirit fill your home. Make the candles the centre piece of your dining table. If you don’t own any candles or find them to be a waste of money, boil a pot of lemon and cinnamon then open the windows for the wind to blow the smell all around your house.

Showcase your Christmas inspired cutlery and kitchen décor

Purchase some cutlery and small kitchen décor to encourage everyone to be festive. Change those white paper napkins with some festive inspired ones. This will cost a little but it’s worth it. Ensure you showcase every festive inspired décor to fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

Hang up a Christmas wreath

Gather all your basic supplies and make your own wreath. Involve your kids to make it fun and use this time to catch up and bond. There are a variety of types of wreaths you can make that include, pinecone wreath, berry wreath or even from artificial tree branches to make it look authentic.

Decorate and display home baked cookies and cupcakes

This is another activity your kids will enjoy. Have them in the kitchen to help with decorating cookies and cupcakes in a Christmas theme. Set them on the dining table for your guests to enjoy with a glass of wine or juice.

Hang up some wall art

Encourage your kids to draw and paint some pictures of what they think Christmas is about. Let your kids express their creativity and make it fun. Frame the art then pin up on your walls. Your guests will be so impressed by how creative your family is and your kids will get the chance to show off their talent to family and friends.

Make do-it-yourself bells

At the entrance of your home, hang some homemade bells. These can be made using small or medium sized buckets – paint them, tie them to a string and attach some coloured ornaments to make them look like an actual bell. Then hang them on your hallway or at the entrance of your home.