Most people want to wear their happy socks to work but are afraid of looking like clowns. These Sweden Happy socks have existed for a long time but they shot to the limelight in 2008. They have since had an established spot in many guys’ closets. They just never make it to the office because most people fear they might not be apt for the office.

Below are a few pro-tips on how to wear your happy socks to work and still look professional;

Neutral earth colors

Socks are one of the cheapest ways a man can enhance any outfit. If you are really bothered by extra bold colours, choose happy socks in neutral earth colors. Examples of neutral colors are; black, light grey, white, brown, nude and cream. They are best if you want to play it safe. Whether you are going for a wedding, casual work setting, going out with friends or a festival then your happy socks will help you spread joy and cheer that befits the occasion.

 happy socks to work

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Complementary colors

These colors will never go wrong because they complement each other, just as the name states. Based on what you are wearing pick the color of happy socks that will match with your outfit . For example; if you are wearing a sharp blue suit you could wear orange happy socks.

happy socks to work

Showing off socks

When showing off your socks make it intentional and minimal. If you are showing off your ankle, try and make it an inch max. You don’t want to show too much and end up looking like a whole clown.

happy socks to work

Matching colors

This is a bold and safe way of wearing happy socks to the office. Try and match your tie, pocket square and the happy socks together. This will create a balance in your outfit. You will make a distinctive statement and still rock your happy socks.

male work outfit

Type of patterns

For a formal setup, go with either striped or polka dots pattern. Louder patterns can be very tricky especially if its a business interview or meeting

wok outfit

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