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Protests resume in the country

Protests resume in the country
  • PublishedJuly 2, 2024

After an initially uneventful Tuesday morning, protests have kicked off in various regions across the country. Below is a round-up of areas where demonstrations are currently underway:

This morning, protesters began trickling into the capital’s central business district. Initially a small number, the crowd has since grown, with police officers resorting to lobbing tear gas around the Nairobi Archives and Moi Avenue areas to disperse the growing crowd. This is the situation in CBD and Mlolongo, Nairobi.

Anti-government protests are currently ongoing in Mombasa, forcing some schools to send pupils back home and several business owners to close shop.

In a keen stand against theft and robbery during protests, police officers had to step in to stop protesters from lynching a suspected thief whom they caught during protests.

Kisii witnessed anti-government demonstrations as protesters flocked Capital Roundabout in Kisii town.

4.Homa Bay
Protesters in Homa Bay took to the streets this morning, using rocks to block off the Homa Bay-Rongo road.

On a lighter note, protesters in Kisumu have turned the streets into a sprawling football stadium with police playing spectator as others cheer on.

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Neema Odhiambo