Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed announced that the government will extend the mid-term break to primary schools from next term.

CS Amina announced this on Tuesday while attending the 14th Kenya Primary School Heads Association conference at Sheikh Zayed Hall.

“When we announced the secondary school break, your officials came to us so we shall extend it to primary schools,” she told primary school heads attending the conference in Mombasa on Tuesday. “I’m sure you all support this.”

She also said that the break would be essential to the teachers and learners so that they can rejuvenate themselves.

“It is important to have time to think other than teach so that you can refresh your minds and go back to school fresh,” the Education CS said.

Primary school heads vowed to support the new government policy on mid term breaks for public primary schools.

“For a very long time our counterparts in secondary and boarding primary schools have been enjoying the half term break. We are also going to enjoy the same privilege.” Enock Wamalwa from Webuye West said. 

She went ahead to warn the teachers about working during the holidays.

“You will face the full wrath of this ministry and Kenyans at large because this is something that we have all agreed on. Tuition has been banned during holidays,” she said.

The CS urged the teachers to give psychological support to expectant learners and encourage them to continue with their studies.