Faking orgasms is a problem  both women and men all over the world grapple with. The main query is whether the Big O is the ultimate indicator of pleasure.With a staggering increase in the number of people faking orgasms, relationships and marriages are at the loosing streak.

Men can also fake orgasms as this is solely not a female thing. A recent study at the University of Kansas showed that 64 per cent of men and women have feigned climax. Below are some of the reasons why women fake it;


For the longest  time, orgasms have been the gauge on whether sex is pleasurable or not. With no solid conversations at our homes  about sex, most females grow looking for alternatives to fill the orgasm gap resulting to faking orgasms as the easiest solution.

Reaching sexual culmination as it is a societal expectation that summons pressure in the name of that it’s obligatory.

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Insecurities revolving around women and orgasms are so that most women are left with no option but to feign the Big O.If you are a guy and a lady has faked an orgasm with you don’t panic,you may not be the problem.

The pop culture has not made it easy by  how they portray women in ecstasy moments. They are always having orgasms on our screens and in movies, no wonder they are easily emulated.Women who are yet to experience orgasms may undergo esteem issues and resort to just faking one.As a guy in such a situation encourage her to relax and maximize on foreplay to enhance the connection and calm the nerves.

Please a partner

Most men if not all believe  that if a female doesn’t get off during sex then it is a testament of their failed manhood. So as not to hurt guys feelings, women opt to fake it in the hope of not being noticed.

Not talking about it may look like a quick solution but instead lead to an underlying web of complexity and emotional turmoil.Women should understand that their orgasms are not a fuel of their partners ego.They should speak up on any dissatisfaction.  Let the couple set expectations improving them on a regular.

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Get sex over with

An increasingly number of females in this current generation pretend so just the sex could stop. Communication is no longer a priority.There is a world misconception that sex is over after after the guy gets off. Lets encourage solid conversations with honesty at its peak.

If talking to your sexual partner is so hard, you can kick start your issues during pillow talk.This should take a sensitive approach and should be devoid of any kind of malice. As a couple expand your sexual repertoires by being open-minded to their limits.


 With the reasons and the practical solutions above, you will both be able to satisfy each other sexually. During intimacy,people open themselves up to high levels of vulnerability. In turn working together to ensure you all get off is paramount.