A blazer is basic outer wear everyone should have in their closet. They come in different cuts, colours and patterns so you will not be limited to just one. Today we go through how you can style a white blazer and why it is the ultimate wardrobe staple. Try not to shy away from it because you think it will stain easily. The right kind of bleach will have it looking brand new again.

Turns any outfit official

Which is true for all blazers. At least the ones with a simple cut. If you have a great outfit on but you’re worried it’s not work place appropriate, throw on a blazer. It will cover bare back tops, camisole and bra straps. Have to wear jeans to work? No worries, blazer.

Lets your accessories shine

White really is a perfect colour. It’s not too out there but it’s not muted either. That’s why it is great to pair with all manner of accessories. Get out all your rings, necklaces, sunglasses, bags and have fun mixing and matching.

Even something as simple as a bold shade of lipstick comes to center stage when you involve a white blazer.

Gives a clean look

An all white suit, especially when the top and bottom match makes you look like a fashion angel. It looks so pristine and rich. If you’re going to try this pairing you have  to have everything on point.

Make sure your shoes are clean, bag is in good condition and put on quality jewelry. You cannot have a fresh look when one thing is off, because it will stand out.

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Can be the star of the show

Celebrities like Rihanna, Karruche Tran and guys like Kanye have pulled this look successfully. You can dress down a white blazer so it is the main part of your attire.

A really cool trend is the blazer dress which you can wear on a date night or cocktails. If you don’t have a tailored one cinch in your waist with a belt.

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Is great for brunch

This is how you can wear the blazer casually. Because it is not too bold you can wear it over a floral dress. It also works for skirts or a t-shirt and jean combo in outdoor settings where it can get a bit drafty. That is a stylish way of not trying to catch a cold.

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