Recovering from rape trauma can take ages. It can be marked by episodes of feeling  vulnerable, guilty, sad or even suicidal. However, you can change this by jumpstarting the healing process and regaining self-control, self-esteem, and courage. Here are some tips for recovering from rape trauma.

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Source: Ebony magazine

Tell it to someone you trust

While the feelings of shame, guilt and fear might cause you to remains silent, try and find someone to share your experience with.  Avoid people who will be quick to judge or feel ashamed of associating with you. Talk to a therapist if you are afraid of disclosing to your friends. Also consider joining a support group, they will help you realize you are not alone. If you cannot find a support group nearby, find an online support group.

Avoid isolation and acting vulnerable

The trauma of rape can tamper with how you socialize with other people. Do not allow the past dictate how the present and the future will be. You might be hurting and feeling ashamed, weak and vulnerable but every time this sad feeling arises, pick up yourself and get yourself together. Do not isolate yourself. Take part in activities that take your mind off the past.

Read books on how to cope

Read books and articles of other people who went through the same. Pick the tips they used to cope with the situation. Do this in addition to joining support groups to get tips on how to face life positively after rape. This will help you gain useful knowledge and feel less isolated.

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Learn how to cope with guilt and shame

Try and face the fact that what happened cannot be reversed, but there is life after that.  Do not blame yourself for the rape. It is your assaulter who should be ashamed for they did, not you.

Be patient

Don’t rush the healing process or find closure with intimacy. Be patient. Flashbacks and painful memories might arise, so be prepared to deal with them and put them to res. It might take a long time but you are strong. Give yourself time. You will overcome.