A building under construction collapsed in Kapsabet and scores of people are still trapped inside. According to records in Kapsabet county hospital; 39 workers had already been received for treatment with varying injuries.

The building which is said to have been a hospital under construction came tumbling down as neighbors and people from nearby buildings watched in horror. Rescue workers and volunteers struggled to pull out survivors using their bare hands. It’s feared that scores of people could have been buried under the debris.

There were ambulances and bull dozers from the Nandi County on site to help with the rescue mission. The Kenya Red Cross and Police were also present helping those trapped inside the building.

The cause of the collapse was not immediately established but residents in the area suspected that the foundation of the building might have been very weak and that the heavy rains experienced in the area may have contributed. In addition to that, the construction was being rushed after lying idle for over one year.