We are living at a a time whereby perfection is king. We want to have perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect jobs, perfect children and the latest trend amongst men is perfect balls.

Yes you read correct, men are now ” ironing” their balls in order to have smooth balls and reduce wrinkles in their jiggly bits.

Scrotox is what’s popping. It is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment of the scrotum with neurotoxin or botox injections in order to reduce sweating, reduce wrinkles and make the scrotum appear larger due to the relaxation of the muscles.  The procedure takes approximately four minutes and the Botox takes two to seven days for the muscle to relax. Like any other type of botox, results last about four months.

Why men are jumping onto this bandwagon

Believe it or not, some men are actually very conscious when it comes to their nether regions. Small, tired looking and wrinkly balls just won’t hack with these guys. To such, the psychological benefits of Scrotox seductively appeals to them as they believe the procedure will boost their sexual performance.

But as well as smoothing the skin, Scrotox allows the testicles to hang down further and appear bigger, which is another attraction for many men.


Is it safe?

Some experts believe Scrotox could have a potentially negative effect on sperm count and effectiveness.

“The scrotum helps regulate body temperature, contracting and relaxing the testicles close to and away from the body. Injecting Botox into this area could have an effect on this function and therefore potentially affect sperm count. There is also the possibility that Botox could spread inside the body to a man’s testicles,” said Dr. Kerem Bortecen of NYC Surgical Associates in an interview with Metro USA.

Experts are of the opinion that more tests and research should be undertaken to determine the long and short term effects of this procedure.

But until then, if you really must accentuate your balls, seek the services of a professional.