Whether it’s an evening out with friends or Valentine’s Day outing, dates are amazing and every woman looks forward to them. Understandably, we pull out all the stops to ensure everything is perfect. Your hairstyle thus has to be on point, too. Here are great and sexy date-night hairstyles to consider for your next date.

Old Hollywood waves. Let the name not fool you; the old Hollywood wave is a classic way to wear your tresses that never runs out of time. Suited for the red carpet, old Hollywood waves are perfect for a date night for that coy yet sophisticated look. You can achieve this look with relaxed hair or simply go for wavy weaves and slay that date.

Low eye-sweeping fringe: Suitable for women with big foreheads, the low eye-sweeping fringe is an easy style to pull off. If you have been blessed with voluminous hair, you can get this look by simply flat ironing the hair located at the back and sides of the head downward and the hair located on top of the head sideways to rest on your forehead. If you wish to use a weave, simply go weaves that allow for this style and there are many in the market.

Side swept bangs: No hairstyle oozes with nobility and class like the side swept bangs. Sweeping your tresses to one side sexes up your look for a sweet coquettish charm. The side swept bangs are a favourite among many women as virtually any face shape can wear them. It will be a great add-on to that exquisite evening dress that you can’t wait to put on. For a flirty look, track your relaxed hair with a long, wavy weave and let it fall over one of your shoulders.

The ultra-chic high top-knot: If you aren’t afraid to draw attention to your facial features, then try high top knot hairstyles, which will leave you looking fabulous and sophisticated. There are so many ways to achieve this style and the good, old braids are one of them. Simply and neatly put your hair in a high ponytail and wind it around the base. Don’t forget to accessorise with earrings.

Pixie cut: Not only is the pixie cut bossy, it is also universally flattering. If you are going out with a mature man or you want to take things to the next level, then the pixie cut will send the message that you are serious about the relationship. Search through the Internet for ideas on the pixie cut and select the look you want. Your hairdresser will be in a position to know which weave will best bring out the look.

Published in February 2017