You have been dating for a period of time, in the beginning everything seemed alright and now your not too sure if your in the right relationship. It can be difficult to pin point when your in it, so here are some warning bells:

1. You don’t spend enough time with family and friends

As time as gone by, your family and friends don’t seem to see you around that much. Like a wolf to the sheep the predator first separates the sheep from its flock then it is able to go in for the kill. It’s always a fight and your feeling like you have been forced to pick between your friends, family and your partner.

2. Your Gut wants out:

Though there are a lot of emotions involved, in the back of your mind you really want to leave. If your gut wants out then maybe that is something worth paying attention to.

3.  Neither of you are happy:

Lets face the truth it has been a struggle to stay in the relationship. The relationship doesn’t make you or your partner happy. relationships aren’t a walk in the park but they shouldn’t be something you dread.

4. Friends and family don’t approve:

Friends and family always have your best interests at heart and if they are both singing the same tune then, maybe that is something you need to listen to.

5. You don’t do the things you love anymore:

After you got into this relationship you have lost interest in the things that you used to love. Your partner isn’t building you towards your passions and your goals. This means this match isn’t an Adam and Eve

6. Your always looking for greener pastures:

Be careful that this isn’t you being greedy, thirsty or ungrateful. If your heart is unsettled and your always looking for something more or better, then maybe your in the wrong place with the wrong Adam or Eve.