We spend a third of our time in the bedroom and we should invest in this very special place of every home. Here are ideas to help make your bedroom look plush and inviting without breaking the bank.

Eye-catching headboard

This is one of the surefire ways of glamming up your bedroom. A standout headboard need not be expensive, however, it should have an outstanding feature like a bold colour, impressive height, elegant fabric or unique shape.

Deluxe finishes

Bare, white walls in a bedroom can feel more stark than luxurious. Embrace a little paint or wallpaper to give your bedroom a warmer, more designed look.

Dramatic drape curtains

What completes the beauty of a room is the dressing on the windows. Layered up drape curtains can help you achieve a dramatic gorgeous experience.

Cozy rug

Stepping on a freezing cold floor can ruin a good morning. Let your legs be greeted by a warm, soft, stylish and lush rug. It will not only enhance your room’s beauty, but also serve your legs some justice.

Layer-up the bedding

Layering the beddings creates an easy attraction to a beautiful bed. It tends to upgrade the bed making it look glamorous. And during the cold season like right now, the bed serves you right with coziness and warmth. You can also pile up on the pillows. In this case, the rule of thumb is that all these pillows shouldn’t take up more than a quarter of the bed length to avoid an overstuffed look.

Neon light art piece

You can achieve more by using less. Neon lights add a magical touch to your walls. If you are not a fan of neon, you can go for statement lighting such as ceiling fixtures, table lamps or pendants to amp up the luxury factor in your bedroom. There are so many fixture and lamp options for you to choose from. Whatever your choice, selecting one with a large or unusual shape can help the room look more upscale.