Size 8 and DJ MO is one marriage we have all come to appreciate and learn from.

But contrary to our usual perception, It seems the marriage has not always been about roses. Her friends even went to an extent of ridiculing her for her decision.

Here is what she said; When i started this marriage journey with my husband many people told me how can a star like me just get married to an ordinary deejay. Some made jokes that other ladies are gettings cars as gift from their husband but i got a mix tape.

Well this guy who was called an ordinary deejay is doing exploits now in Christ Jesus. This is to show you God can use anyone and raise anyone Just have faith and trust God.

And I know God is not yet finished with him he is about to do even more thru him. To every deejay out there God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination.

And to everyone else don’t let anyone discourage you because of where you are right now, tomorrow you might be a great legend.