In the recent past, there has been a lot of moral decadence in our society from the many fires in schools to the murder cases left, right and center. This has caused many to shift the blame on the overexposure to social media.

Inasmuch as social media has a part to play in some of those crimes, we cannot put all the blame on social media as so many factors have contributed to those crimes. When used in the right way, social media can be very beneficial to us as individuals.

We cannot overlook all the parenting groups that have emerged and given a platform for nursing and pregnant mothers to air their issues and get support from other mothers walking the same journey.

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People can now connect through their passions like traveling and cooking courtesy of the many traveling and cooking groups created on Facebook.

It is also a marketing avenue as well as a place to make new friends who could one day become life partners.

Here are more ways you could benefit from the different social media platforms.

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Positive Effects

1. Diminishing physical distance. Despite the distance, social media media has created an avenue for people to interact with each other. Friends and family members who spend a lot of time away from each other can link up through social media.

2. Assurance. There is a sense of security brought by social media, since one knows that he/she can get in touch with their loved ones at any time.

3. Memories. Through sharing of information, friends and family can share locations and meet up at restaurants or getaway destinations where they can bond and make memories.

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4. Connections. Social media acts as a unifying factor for like-minded people, based on the various issues in life. People who view the same content due to interest, can interact and share different ideas and opinions even without being familiar with one another.

5. Single parent families. Families that have gone through separation or divorce can make use of social media. Parents who do not live with their children can communicate with them through video calls or even check each others' progress through posts. This will help create more bonding time apart from planned visits.

6. Bonding. Social media allows people to view others' posts and activities. Friends and family can bond over common likes and this keeps them close while they are at it.

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