Step out natural without make-up

  • PublishedMay 9, 2014

Wearing little or no make-up can bring out your natural beauty, give you a healthier skin and more confidence, save you money you could have spent on cosmetics, in addition to lessening time spent getting ready in the morning. So, how do you get comfortable going out without make-up?

For centuries, women all over the world have used make-up in different forms to improve their appearance. Some documented attempts to beautify oneself are not only painful, but also dangerous. There are reports of fashionable sixth century women bleeding themselves, either directly or with the help of leeches, to make their faces paler and others coating their faces with toxic chemicals including arsenic, lead and mercury to lighten it.

While most women don’t go to such lengths to beautify themselves, make-up is still a very important aspect in many women’s every day appearance. Most women who regularly use make-up end up developing such a reliance on it that they feel bare or plain without it. Some are scared to be seen without make-up and would never leave the house without it, even when making a trip as mundane as going to the shops.

While make-up is a great way to conceal blemishes, enhance beauty and boost outward appearance, it shouldn’t be obligatory. Over time, make-up usage can take a negative toll on your skin as a result of the ingredients used in some cosmetics and rough application, which can cause wrinkles. It is therefore important that you take a break from make-up as often as you can, to let your skin breathe. For some women the use of make-up is a luxury that they can’t afford due to sensitive skin or other skin conditions.

It is possible to look naturally beautiful without make-up. Here are a few tips to consider:

Take good care of your skin. Good skin care is vital, whether one uses make-up or not. This is the first basic step of owning the natural look. To begin with, it is important to know your skin type so that you use the correct products. Then keep your skin looking radiant by exfoliating at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and cleansing and moisturising twice a day. Also, ensure that you get enough sleep, at least eight hours a night and that you maintain a balanced diet and drink enough water – at least two litres a day. If these simple routines are practised regularly, your skin will exude a healthy glow.

Groom your eyebrows and eyelashes. Well-shaped eyebrows go a long way in enhancing one’s facial features, especially the eyes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame and draw attention to the eyes and have an effect on your gaze and also give you a groomed and smart look even without make-up. If you have unruly lashes, straighten them by getting a bit of a little petroleum jelly on the tips of your thumb and index finger and dragging them across your eyelash from root to tip. This gives the same effect as using mascara.

 Keep your lips healthy. Moisturise your lips with some balm before bed and exfoliate regularly using a soft brush or sugar to rid them of dead skin cells. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent your lips from chapping and wear a little bit of lip-gloss or coloured lip balm to give your lips a beautiful glow. Also ensure that you take good care of your teeth, brushing twice a day and flossing to keep your smile beautiful.

Find a hairstyle that flatters you. Find out what hairstyles work best with the shape of your face. Some haircuts are known to take years off one’s face. You can opt for those but you will need the advice of a good stylist. Wear hairstyles that bring out your best facial features and if possible don’t wear your hair the same way every day. Experiment with different styles and use trendy hair accessories to enhance your look.

Build your self-confidence. How you feel about yourself plays a big part in how you come across to others. Lack of confidence looks bad no matter how well one is groomed. No one is perfect and we all have areas we would like to cover up. However, make-up should not be a mask to hide behind. If you feel that you look ugly and unpresentable without make-up, it will be evident. Believing that you are beautiful goes a long way in shaping the way others perceive you. Knowledge of how to dress your body shape, a good sense of style and good posture also play a big role in enhancing your overall look. No look is complete without a genuine smile. It’s actually one of the best things you can do to make yourself more attractive with the least possible effort.

Published on July 2013

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