STEVE KIINDA: The Master Cleaner

  • PublishedNovember 11, 2013


An elderly client once asked him why his boss sent him to the meeting instead of attending himself. When Steve said he was the boss, the man thought he was pulling his leg so he picked his phone and called the boss. And the phone rang right in front of him. He admitted his surprise at such a young and simple man having such as impressive portfolio. EDNA GICOVI talks to 27-year-old Steve Kiinda, proprietor of Matxo Cleaning services, a flourishing company that is barely two years old.

You think it, we’ll clean it!” I thought that this would be an apt slogan for Matxo Cleaning Services, given the wide array of cleaning services the company offers. Instead, “Quality will never be an accident” is what’s written in small, green print right below the company’s logo on the business card Steve hands to me when we meet. Conversely, I think this slogan is also rather fitting after interviewing the unassuming owner of Matxo Cleaning Services, a cleaning company that is curving a niche for itself in the service industry by offering unique and, yes, quality, cleaning services.

Many want to be associated with renowned and reputable companies and brands. People want to either work for these corporations or use products and services produced by them. Steve Kiinda thinks differently. “After university when many of my peers hoped to land a job at a big company, I thought to myself, ‘weren’t these companies started by individuals just like me?’ I know they didn’t just happen by chance. I wanted to be the brand everyone wanted to be associated with,” he says. This is what essentially motivated Steve to try his hand in business. Steve grew up in the Rift Valley region and attended the Moi University in Eldoret for a degree in forestry management.

“I chose forestry management because of my love for the environment. I really hate to see people litter or destroy the environment in any way,” he says. He goes on to explain that in his second year of the course, he realized that it wasn’t really his passion, and so he took on a diploma course in business management at a nearby college during his free time.
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