Style your pleated skirt like a pro

Pleated skirts are making a comeback! The 60s called! They are back like they never left, though we wonder really hard why they even left in the first place. You

  • PublishedMay 20, 2019

Pleated skirts are making a comeback! The 60s called! They are back like they never left, though we wonder really hard why they even left in the first place. You see them everywhere, all the international runways, Christian Dior and Guy Laroche featured them – Paris Fashion Week was fawash with them! Every fashionista in their right minds already owns a piece or two.

If your Pinterest feed does not feature two or three of pleated skirt looks, your fashion taste and style is highly questionable – and you should probably throw the whole app away! But as you consider that, allow us to show you the best pleated skirt looks so far. This is not just a fad that will pass, it is here to stay.

The skirts come in flowing velvets, chrome/metallic velvets, leather, knee-lengths, pastels, solid colours and give a lot of options to the discerning fashion lover.

Leather pleated skirt

This first look is of course this leather pleated skirt as worn by Victoria Beckham. She paired it cleverly with an oversized sweater to tone down the overtness of the leather. This kind of layering and pairing is a match made in heaven. We will be damned if we don’t try this look out and you should too. Besides, the Nairobi weather is threateningly cold and you need looks that will keep you fashionable in the cold. If this isn’t one of the looks I don’t know what is. If you want, you can even wear them with boots for a glam chic look.

Source: Pinterest

Brown leather skirt paired with Maasai top

The pleated skirt allows you to play around with all manner of top patterns and designs but this look stood out. One because we have never seen Maasai (tartan fabric) look this good on a top and the patriotic Kenyan in us jumped for joy. Two, we love what they did with the belt. This avant garde blended perfectly into an everyday look.

Source: Pinterest

Street style pleated skirt look

The maxi pleated skirts are so airy and chic. They are mostly made of chiffon and the first phrase that jumps to mind is ‘gone with the wind’. Pair them with vests and leave the arms and shoulders bare for all manner of accessories. If you are into boho looks this is it!

Source: Style Pantry

Street style  pleated midi skirt

This street style pleated skirt inspo is just goals. A simple t-shirt paired with the pleated skirt and a pair of shades and some heels on and you look so classy the traffic could stop. The thing we love with pleated skirts is how they cinch your waist to create such beautiful illusions. Add a belt for good measure and that’s a look you will kill.

Source: Style Pantry

Official pleated skirt look

If you want to wear them to work you totally can! Few things impress better than pieces you can wear on the streets, to a dinner date, to church and to work. So you can imagine just how happy these skirts make us feel. All you have to do is throw on an official shirt or blazer and voila, you have yourself the chicest work outfit! Throw some pumps on and now the whole boardroom is yours!

Source: Style Pantry

Club Banger

Hit the club with this gem and you are sure to set heads rolling. Match it with thigh high leather booties and statement clutch and boom… the club scene will forever remember you.

Source: Style Pantry

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