TAKE A HOLIDAY: Rekindle the fire of passion

It’s the holiday season once again and most people can hardly wait to get some days off to relax and have a good time with their loved ones. Maybe you

  • PublishedNovember 29, 2011

It’s the holiday season once again and most people can hardly wait to get some days off to relax and have a good time with their loved ones. Maybe you plan to go on holiday with your family or friends. That’s no big deal. It’s probably happened a number of times before. Going on holiday together is a great way to strengthen your bond and create lasting memories. But is going on holiday with your spouse or significant other as easy as it seems? There are a few things to consider before you board that plane or bus together.

Choosing a destination

This decision is not as easy as it may appear. People have different views on holidays; for instance, you may consider lazing on a beach as a great way to spend a holiday while visiting historical sites may be his idea of a holiday. Compromise and communication are important in making this decision. What works for both of you? Discuss and plan the activities you would both like to take part in during your holiday and pick a location that accommodates your needs. You may even find you both enjoy similar activities, which could make this decision easier.

Working on a budget

Consider holiday destinations that are within your financial means. It is necessary to have a clear plan of how much it will cost you and what each one will contribute. Holidays are not cheap. They require a lot of budgeting and saving. They also need you to be realistic in your considerations on what to spend money on. How about deciding who pays for what? You may decide to split the costs where you both contribute a similar amount. It may also be that one of you is treating the other. In this case, expectations need to be discussed to avoid disappointments. For instance, one of you may be expecting luxuries such as spa treatments or shopping, which may not be in the budget.

Avoiding holiday arguments

It may be your first time to spend time together in close proximity, especially if you haven’t lived together. Even if you have lived together, chances are you don’t spend every minute of every day together due to different responsibilities and work schedules. Having some alone time may be great for you, as you’ll get to know each other better and get acquainted in ways you haven’t before. It will also enable you to be more at ease around each other.

Nonetheless, it’s not all fun and games as you spend a great deal of your holiday time together. It’s very easy to step on each other’s toes or get on each other’s nerves during this time. Holiday arguments tend to be more heated, as you’re both in a new environment. They may occur due to different reasons, the first being that more than anything, a holiday can be the one thing that highlights underlying problems in a relationship.

In addition, most people tend to have habits and behaviours that are potentially irritating to other people. These range from loud snoring to not flushing the toilet after use or leaving its seat up. Some of the things you discover about your partner during your holiday could ultimately alter your relationship. Again compromise and good communication are required here. Discuss your living arrangements before hand and try your best to be tolerant of each other.

Arguments also arise because of unrealistic expectations. You may want to hold hands and walk barefoot on the sandy shores of a beach at sunset just like that couple on the brochure, yet it may not be possible. Holidays are not perfect and anything can go wrong. One of you may get sick or luggage could get lost. It’s important to plan properly and be prepared for anything.

All in all, going on holiday for the first time with your partner or spouse can be an exciting experience with good planning and organisation. You’ll get to know a different side of each other and hopefully move your relationship to a new level. Whatever you do, ensure you have fun and make it memorable.

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