#TBT: 10 Facts You Do Not Know About Julie Gichuru

  • PublishedOctober 19, 2017

Julie Gichuru is one of the biggest names in Kenyan media today and known for her charm, eloquence and unmistakable charisma.

The TV host and Mum has overcome some of life’s biggest milestones and is still standing tall.

Here is a list of lesser known facts about her:

1. Her father is an Indian from Kashmir while her mother is a Kikuyu which explains her complexion.

JULIE during the Opening Plenary debate

2. Her father’s family moved from India to Kenya to work on the railway line being built by the British. 

3. Her parents struggled to see her through college, her father had a small business on the side besides being in the military.

4. While in the university in the UK, she worked in a food factory to help her father with the fees.

5. She grew up and married Kenyan pilot Anthony Gichuru. 

6. Together they have 4 beautiful children. 

7. One of their kids passed away in 2005 as a result of feeding accident.

8. She has admitted severally that it was the lowest point of her life.

9. She is savvy business woman and owns a production house (Arimus) and an online fashion house (MIMI).

10. She is a professional criminal lawyer but has never practiced as a lawyer. 

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