A Chuka University graduate has been presented with a job opportunity after her plight was highlighted by local media.

Ruth Rono graduated with a first class honors in Economics and Statistics and has been jobless since 2015. Seven Meals Household Group in Nairobi has offered her a job. It seems that she will now be able to educate her siblings and take care of her ailing mother. The company has also promised to relocate  her family to Nairobi in due time.

According to company officials, Ruth will begin working on February, 7 as an intern before getting full employment with the company.

“We will support her and ensure she gets all the required support by working for Seven Meals as an intern in the Resource department. We will shift her family to Nairobi and support her siblings to go back to school within Utawala where we are based. We will also rent her a house where she will live with her siblings,” said the company in a statement.

Kenyans of goodwill also came to her aid with some promising to buy her clothes and make her hair and nails so as to make her presentable on her first day of work. This was after philanthropist, Ndung’u Nyoro shared Ruth’s story on his Facebook page.

After graduating, Ruth had opted to move to Nairobi to do casual work as she waited for an opportunity to come by. Her stay in Nairobi was cut short after she got wind that her mother had been struck by an illness and her siblings had been abandoned by their father who is a drunkard. Life has not been easy for the 27-year-old as she has lost one of her siblings to starvation.