A Kansas teenager has survived a 10-inch knife pierce to his face in an incident that happened outside his house while playing. Eli Gregg had been playing with the knife when he fell, stabbing himself in the face with the knife.

“I heard a scream from outside the house, and after coming out I was flabbergasted at seeing a knife sticking on my son’s face just below the eye,” the mother of Eli Gregg explained. She immediately called 911.

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X-ray examination

An X-ray indicated that the knife went to his skull at the bottom of the brain. The doctors explained that the teenager was lucky enough that the knife did not prick the carotid artery that supplies blood to the brain.

“He would have lost an eye or had a stroke if the knife had touched the carotid artery,” a doctor at the hospital explained.

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Successful operation

An operation to remove the knife was successful with Eli now recovering. It was a sensitive surgery that required specialists and medical finesse, given the knife’s proximity to the brain and carotid artery. Thankfully, Eli got a positive prognosis for recovery from the doctors.

“The brain is functioning perfectly, he had the breathing tube removed, he’s wide awake, talking to us. I think he’s going to heal just fine,” the doctor explained further.