201204-bondTimothy Mathenge Mukundi, 33, a relationship manager at Equity Bank and Sophy Nzole Dyeka, 31, a senior teacher at Lycabee Children Centre had their fair share of challenges before and during their wedding. The couple shares their victorious story full of favour and love from family and friends with LAURA KIBIRU.

 The meeting…

“Timothy moved to my neighbourhood, back home in Malindi. He was a good friend to my sister and visited us often. I would welcome him and quickly head to the bedroom. I did this until one day he asked me not leave. We started chatting and with time we become close friends,” recalls Sophy. The couple’s first date was at the Malindi Marine Park on May 2008.

Timothy says his friends labeled him as a “joke” when he explained his interest to pursue a beautiful lady he had met. They just laughed it off. “I had been transferred to Malindi in September 2007 and I took notice of Sophy who used to read from the balcony of their home, which faced my house. I was drawn to her. There was just something special about her. She was very shy but I insisted on getting to know her,” Timothy explains. “My friends still cannot believe I am married and to Sophy,” he says as the couple laughs in unison.

The challenges…

Before the couple could fully cultivate their relationship, Timothy was again transferred to the bank’s headquarters in Nairobi in 2009. Nevertheless, Timothy continued calling Sophy three times a day as he previously did, something he still does to this day. He also faced challenges from relatives who vehemently warned him against marrying a lady from the Coast, as they are there are stereotyped as “lazy” and “domineering.”

“The truth is that my wife’s characteristics are quite the contrary. She is hardworking and very respectful towards me,” says Timothy, adding, “She is also a great cook!” Sophy also adds that some of her friends warned her against marrying an ‘unromantic’ man from central region of Kenya.

Apart from the distance and cultural differences, the couple went through another difficulty during their wedding, as Sophy recalls: “It was quite sad that my father didn’t turn up for my wedding. I understood that our parents were separated along time ago and he has another family now, but I would have loved to see him at my wedding. Still, it was a beautiful day, I feel so blessed because my husband was very supportive through it all.”

Favour galore…

After a surprise proposal on October 10, 2010 and dowry payment, which was very well received, wedding plans were soon underway. The couple had a budget of Ksh560000 and planned the wedding with the help of a committee. “Her sister was most helpful during the planning of the wedding as Sophy was still working in Malindi at the time,” says Timothy. Sophy has since moved to Nairobi to be with her husband.

Favours started trickling in as the couple got nine cars from friends and relatives that were fully fueled without incurring any cost on their part. Their wedding cake was done for half the price; a prominent chef offered to do their catering at half price and the bride’s make-up was done for a very low price. “We count our blessings, we are blessed,” the couple concludes.

Their lovely pink and chocolate brown themed wedding was held on September 3, 2011 at PCEA St. Andrews Church, Nairobi and thereafter a warm reception was held at United Kenya Club also in Nairobi.

We wish the happy couple a blessed marriage.