This is why your pancakes are not fluffy

This is why your pancakes are not fluffy
  • PublishedOctober 3, 2022

Pancakes are a family favourite in many homes. Often times they are what makes for a great weekend(and sometimes weekday) breakfast. However, sometimes you can end up with flat chewy pancakes instead of fluffy ones that melt into your mouth.

Thankfully, this is an easy fix if you take heed of the following:

1. Don’t overmix your batter

This is the biggest mistake most people make when making pancakes. Mixing liquid and flour creates gluten, the protein that gives dough its elasticity. It’s great for bread but is certainly not good for pancakes. When you overmix your batter, it only develops the gluten in your batter resulting in chewy pancakes. For light fluffy pancakes, simply mix your ingredients until they combine and let it be. Don’t worry if it has lumps.

2. Don’t flip more than once

We’ve all been tempted to keep flipping iur pancakes, probably to get the brown colouring that is the stuff of tutorials. However flipping more than once and patting down on your pancakes reverses the effect of the raising agent. The trick is to wait until bubbles form on the top once you pour it into the pan, flip over and give it about two minutes and remove from the heat.

 3. Don’t use too many eggs

Due to the little gluten in the batter, eggs help to hold the bubbles in place to give it a fluffy effect. However, too many eggs have the opposite effect. They will make the batter dense and therefore it is better to adjust your recipe accordingly depending on how many pancakes you want.

That said, we all have our share of baking catastrophes but with these tips, you can be sure to take your pancakes to a whole new fluffy level. Enjoy!

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