What is your earliest recollection of discipline in primary school? For most who went to school prior to the canning ban, it must be be being beaten to within inches of death. For a few lucky people, it must be detention or suspension. This school has come up with a foolhardy means of taming delinquent students. Robert W. Coleman Elementary, a Baltimore school sends children to meditation instead of detention.

The school has incorporated a Mindful Moment program where children are taken through exercises that help them relax and relieve anxiety. The school partnered with Holistic Life Foundation. Now instead of punishing them students, they are taught how to calmly handle situations.

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Trauma in children

Children who act out due to stress and anxiety are not the only ones who are sent to meditation, other students can stop over at the studio when they feel like. The are guided via speakers in the mediation room. The staff who conduct these sessions have been trained to do so. They have a one-on-one 5-minute session with the kids who are sent to meditation by the teachers before letting them join the rest.

Ever since this program was incorporated, the suspension levels have dropped down significantly. This program is not only beneficial to the academic lives of the children, but it spills over to their lives at home too. Some of the kids who go to this school have experienced violence and witnessed murders. Punishment only makes them more resentful when they bottle up their frustrations. Mediation on the other hand, helps them recognize the traumas, bring them to the surface and release them.

Meditation has a lot of positive effects on a child’s body. Besides helping the children relieve stress, it inspires creativity and boosts their immune systems.

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