Tips for a low-cost Valentine’s Day

Tips for a low-cost Valentine’s Day
  • PublishedJanuary 30, 2017

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with fancy dinners, boxes of chocolate, bottles of champagne and bouquet of flowers among other goodies lovebirds exchange to show their love for each other. However, with the biting economic times, many people are careful not to dig deep into their pockets. Here are some tips to help you to have a superb but cheap Valentine’s Day this year.

Be creative: Most of us like to spend time with those who mean the world to us on Valentine’s Day. Be creative and make worthy memories out of the time spent together. For instance, you can watch a romantic movie together or give each other a massage among other things that will make your partner feel appreciated.

It’s all about being creative about things you can do to make an impact in your loved one’s life. If you are in a long-distance relationship, make the effort to be with your loved one and if this is not possible, do a video call.

Celebrate it a day after: Prices of many Valentine-themed products are exaggerated on this day, as demand is high. Beat the system at its game by either buying gifts a week or two earlier or postponing the celebrations to a day after Valentine’s.

Going out for a meal or buying gifts a few days to a week later will allow you to save a good amount of money. It is important to discuss this with your partner to make sure they are in for the idea.

Don’t eat in a restaurant: If you were to take your partner out on a date, it wouldn’t be in some cheap hotel where you usually hop in for a quick lunch. No, it has to be a fancy place that befits the day and this can be quite expensive. Cut costs by doing a homemade meal instead of dining out.

While at it, make it more fancy than an ordinary night’s dinner by creating a romantic ambience at the dinner table with flowers, candles and lighting.

Plan a low-cost date: Sometimes experiences are better than gifts so instead of buying gifts, do things together such as watching the sunset, sitting outside under the moon, or dancing to the tune of your favourite music right in you house. The key is to make your partner feel special. Expensive gifts help, but they are not better than meaningful experiences that show your lover you care.

Compare prices before you buy a Valentine’s gift: You might have all the good intentions in wanting to get your loved one the best gift there is but unfortunately your pocket won’t just allow it. Even as you settle for an inexpensive gift, still take time to compare prices in different stores and you might end up saving some money.

Go for discounted prices: For instance, you can book in advance to watch a movie or a play. Most of the times those who book early get discounted tickets. Also, some hotels and stores sometimes offer discounted prices on certain goods to attract shoppers on Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of such offers.

Focus on what matters: Focus on what really matters to both of you. If spending quality time together matters, then focus on making the day special by engaging in fun activities together. Go for a hike, visit a nearby park, do a picnic, or go on a road trip. Along with saving you money, this will eliminate some of the hassles that come with celebrating the day like everyone else.

Discuss it with your date: When all is said and done, whatever effort you put on this day is meant to please your significant other. You, therefore, need to let them know your motives and agree on the plans for the day.

This will help you avoid disappointment and also eliminate any misunderstanding that might occur. Agree that you will not compare your plans with other couples and instead focus on making the most out of your plans and working within your budget.

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