When it comes to bikini waxing, many horror stories have been traded, thus efficiently making most women recoil at the very mention of the procedure. Still, one can get pretty fed up with the frequent need to shave, and the bumps in the aftermath. A smooth finish that will last longer calls for waxing, and we all collectively wish for less painful bikini waxing.  While we can not guarantee a totally painless waxing session, these 5 tips will make your next experience less harrowing.

Schedule it after your period

After your period, your pain threshold is usually higher than other times of the month. You are in a better position to withstand the pain when you have a session after your menses.

Choose the right professional

While the procedure definitely comes with some pain, sometimes it is not really the procedure, but the person who conducts it. Letting someone down there is already a bold step that you should receive accolades for. The last thing you want is an impatient person who does not know the last thing about empathy do it. It is worse if they keep chiding you the whole time, and just want to get it over with, however rough. This will definitely make the whole process even more painful and humiliating. Better read reviews from clients who have gone to the different parlours and do your research.

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Sample something else

Different waxes bond differently. If the wax that was used last caused you excruciating pain, try another one. There are so many options to choose from.

Try not to shave if you are planning to wax

Forget about the razor for a while if you hope for a less painful bikini waxing session. Also, shaving hinders a smooth finish because the wax cannot pick the short hair.

Wax often

Granted, waxing is not the best of experiences. However, if that is the direction you have decided to take, better do it more often. The longer you wait, the thicker the hair grows and the more painful it will get.