Tips to help you beat MONDAY BLUES

  • PublishedAugust 15, 2013

Most people probably feel that life would be better if Mondays were done away with as they tend to be long and dreary, and seem to take all your energy to get even the simplest of tasks done. Here are a few ways to motivate your mind at work and get your first working day of the week off to a positive start.

Plan for Monday on Friday

Before you excitedly dash out of the office on Friday screaming TGF (thank God its Friday) to start your weekend, take a few minutes to plan the tasks you need to get done on Monday. Your mind is at ease on Fridays and in a better position to think clearly. Planning will save you from wasting time on Monday trying to decide where to start.

Get an early start

Nothing can make your Monday worse than running late. You start the day feeling hurried, miss breakfast and everything seems to go in a different direction than planned. Do yourself a favour and wake up earlier to avoid these mishaps. It may be harder to do this on a Monday compared to other days but once you are up and about you will have extra time to get your work done and arrive at work with minimal stress.

Start small

Commit to a task that you can get done quickly to jump-start your brain on Monday mornings. The satisfaction of getting the task out of the way and ticking it off your ‘to-do-list’ will get you motivated to keep going.

Take a break

It’s easy to feel drained faster on Mondays. Take a break, go for a walk, get a glass of water or have a small snack to revitalise.

Take some time to laugh and unwind

Talk to your workmates or employees. Find out how they’re doing and how their weekend was. Have a laugh together. Think about happy memories or jokes that make you laugh. Laughter causes your body to release endorphins, which naturally make you feel good. Make this an everyday habit.

Plan for the rest of the week

After accomplishing your Monday tasks, take some time to get organised and plan for the rest of your week.

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