I thought I had heard it all until President Donald Trump gave his suggestion for cure of Covid-19. Trump suggested “injection” with powerful cleaning agents as a possible cure for Covid. He said this in a news conference late last week. This has got my system firing up. But in the real sense, why am I not surprised?

Being an advocate against alchemy, I am not shocked by this at all. In as much as Trump dismissed his comments as “very satirical”, word has it that he was influenced by the leader of a group peddling such cures. Clearly, he fell for it.

This leaves me with one main question: How can an individual with such weird, or so to say, ridiculous solutions to global problems occupy such an office? Adding salt to injury, with other people supporting him?

With the kind of influence his office has, it would be much better if Trump actually reduced his level of “Satire” as he claims they are. This is because, after giving this comment, other people took his words as beacon of hope and responded, “President Donald Trump, I totally agree with you. Chlorine Dioxide is a very noble product that has been used for many years throughout the world to cure people.”

The cost of misinformation

Although some people opine that the general population would be smart enough to identify false information for what it is, it is not always the case. In Iran, for instance, this kind of misinformation led to the death of hundreds of people.

And while we are all desperate to bring Covid to an end, we have to stay clear of fallacy. These suggestions are a crucial red flag of alchemy. We should stay clear of such information to avoid being engulfed in misinformation that delude fear- based ideologies.

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