Vivian and Sam West speak on raising a blended family

It’s no secret that parenting a child ranks as one of the worlds hardest jobs. Being able to look past any personal issues and seeing the bigger picture is a

  • PublishedAugust 16, 2019

It’s no secret that parenting a child ranks as one of the worlds hardest jobs. Being able to look past any personal issues and seeing the bigger picture is a critical factor in raising any child who happens to be at the centre of non-traditional parenting practices. Their marriage came with its own set of ‘baggage’ as each of them had a child from a previous relationship.

Vivian found herself a single mother while navigating the murky waters of becoming the strong woman she is today. After giving birth to Natalie Mambo in 2010, she made it her mandate and goal to chart a course for herself and daughter disregarding and defying the societal limitations on single parenthood. However, it was only recently that the public came to learn that Vivian is a mother.

After getting married to Sam, she found herself the mother of an adorable five-year-old boy – Ty West. She couldn’t resist his puppy eyes and free spirit. Natalie and Ty have taken a liking to each other. What’s more, they look so alike.

“Motherhood is a commitment. You have a responsibility towards that child. I do not raise Ty and Natalie as children but as adults. I believe that childhood experiences are what makes or breaks an individual hence I am always careful on what I expose them to,” she reveals.
“When I met Natalie, she was sweet and very loving. I had to be smart and take things slow,” brags Sam.
He suddenly leans forward and whispers that he is the good cop in the relationship. “I enjoy being with the kids and I love them to bits. I spoil them and that is why they like hanging out with me,” he says proudly. A comment that solicits a cheeky giggle from Vivian.
“I have to be a little firmer with them. We are living in a different generation. Nowadays children know their rights and are very confident. Ty has a strong character and always remembers everything you tell him. I am always careful with what I promise him,” she chuckles.

At nine-years old, Natalie is an avid reader just like her mother. She is always at the top position in class and is charting her own individual path as a dancer.

“Natalie is very smart. I try as much as I can to let her be her own genuine self. I sometimes get a little uncomfortable when fans want to take selfies when she is around because I want her to chart her own individual path without the influence of anybody, including myself,” Vivian says.

The duo is amongst the lucky few who have had drama-free break ups with their exes. As a matter of fact, they have very stable and mutually respectful relationships with their previous partners. They choose to focus more on the functionality of their family as opposed to ascribing to the traditional idea of what an ideal family should look like. They have fully embraced the idea of blended family which seems to be working for them. They also set and live by their own rules.

“We have never really had any confrontation with our exes because they moved on with their lives. They are involved with their children and they meet once in a while,” beams Vivian.

On whether they are ready to have more children of their own, the power couple are in agreement that children require prior planning to ensure they are well taken care of and live to their full potential.

“I want to have eight children,” laughs Sam.

“Don’t take this one seriously. He is a comedian,” says Vivian feigning shock.

“On a more serious note, we already have two children. I personally think that children require a lot of investment in terms of time, energy and attention. Parents have to be present and active and if they are not ready, they should just refrain from having children,” advises Vivian.

“Children are a gift from God. I agree with Vivian that children are a great responsibility and proper planning is required in order to raise children who will leave an impact in their generation. But it would be interesting to have a child that looks exactly like Vivian and I,” the standup comedian smiles as he stares intently at the love of his life.

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