WANINI KIRERI Steering Prisons Reforms

  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2014

The introduction of the prisons reforms in Kenya in 2002 by the then Vice-president, Moody Awori, has seen encouraging development in prisons today spearheaded by some outstanding leaders. One such leader is Wanini Kireri, the Nairobi Provincial Prisons Commandant. She speaks to ESTHER KIRAGU about her diligent service in the prisons department, motherhood, and some of the lessons she has learnt in life.

At the age of 51 and the helm of her career, Wanini Kireri beams with energy. She looks physically fit, mentally alert, and genuinely happy. She is in the process of writing her autobiography and hopes to graduate this year with a Masters degree in counseling psychology from University of Manchester in the UK.

Published on February 2014

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