Want your kids to look neat? THE SECRET IS JIK

  • PublishedMay 13, 2019

Margaret walks into our offices stylishly dressed in a navy blue dress and white heels. Completing her look is a white coat draped over her shoulders. You can tell that she isn’t scared of something staining her attire as is the norm when wearing something white. Holding the hand of her four-year-old son, Maxwell Kirimi, who had his school uniform shinning like a new pin and his hair cut neatly done ready for school, I couldn’t help but wonder how they manage to look this fresh, yet it was in the middle of the day.

As if reading my mind, Margaret shares how she manages to maintain this level of neatness. “The secret is JIK,” she says without missing a beat. Margaret first interacted with JIK while in high school after her mother insisted that she must buy the bleach and disinfectant if she were to stay neat in school. True to her mother’s word, she got to enjoy its perks and has never looked back.

As we sat for this interview, her son plays around. Margaret calmly watches him and does not protest when he rolls on the grass or plays with a fresh mound of soil, slightly wet from an early morning shower. She clearly isn’t scared of the stubborn grass, mud or juice stains. This is because she has a detergent she can confidently rely on when she needs to wash those stubborn stains off.

Being an entrepreneur for nearly two years now, she has encountered her fair share of stubborn stains on the clothes that she sells and while working on her farm. However, she never frets because all she has to do is soak them in JIK solution and the dirt and stains will be out in no time.

At home, she ensures that the magic of her secret cleaner is felt too. “I scrub my tiles using a solution of JIK,” she offers.  In the kitchen, Margaret wipes her countertops using the number one bleach which also acts as a disinfectant. Her bathroom and toilet bowls are not left out of the equation. “I pour a little JIK solution into the toilet bowl, scrub and the leave it for five minutes before rinsing and the results are never disappointing,” she adds.

Every back-to-school season, this one included, she is even more thankful for the trusted stain remover. She doesn’t have to worry about Maxwell’s school clothes as washing them with JIK leaves his school uniform looking newer with every wash. Games day is also well catered for as she has the perfect stain remover for Maxwell’s white sports shoes and shorts. The addition of JIK colors is a bonus for her and other mothers this season as they can keep that shine on their children’s clothes giving them a great first day at school this school year.

Join Margaret and make JIK your trusted helper for all your cleaning needs. It works like a charm!

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