War on fake drugs goes mobile

  • PublishedFebruary 7, 2019

Kenyans will be able to use their mobile gadgets to determine genuine from counterfeit drugs.

This comes after the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board yesterday announced plans to create a code that will identify the quality supply chain of medicine in the country. Each medicine imported or locally manufactured is expected to have a unique identifier code which will be used during the verification process.

The Board’s CEO, Fred Moin, said that the code system is still at trial stage and will be effected by mid this year.

“Patients will be able to tell if a drug, for instance paracetamol, is genuine, its side effects, where it was dispensed and whether it is registered using the unique identifier,” said Mr. Moin.

Mr. Moin was speaking during a three day work shop on war against counterfeit drugs organised by CWAG AAP and the board.

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