What a man's hairstyle says about him

  • PublishedApril 11, 2019

For most people, hair has a great social significance as it is tied to how people think of themselves, how society as a whole perceives them, or even the laws of attraction. Here are six popular men’s hairstyles and what they communicate about the man.


Frankly speaking, most guys who sport a clean-shaven head do so to beat a receding hairline or are just from military training. Whatever the case though, bald heads are usually a show of confidence.

What it says: A study conducted in the UK claims that bald men are more attractive to women and are perceived as dominant. This is probably because they have accepted that their once thick head of hair is no more and have chosen to look past it.


People with dreadlocks nowadays do not have to contend with most stereotypes that were associated with locking hair in the past such as someone who is unkempt among other unsavoury things. Men with dreadlocks especially, have not had it easy.

What is says: While the stereotypes have not been wiped out completely, nowadays ‘locked’ hair represents free-spirited people who do not necessarily conform to the norm. Men sporting dreadlocks are mostly found in art-related industries.

Buzz cut

For this hairstyle, the hair is clipped close to the scalp using electric clippers making the face more defined. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle for men of all ages that usually has the advantage of looking good on all face shapes.

What is says: This hairstyle usually alludes to men who are busy and have no time to deal with complicated hairstyles. Men in the corporate space usually prefer this style.

The fade

Also known as a taper, the fade hairstyle involves gradually cutting the hair on your back and sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. Chances are you have seen several men sporting this hairstyle in its different variations; the curly top with a fade, the buzz cut with a fade or dreadlocks with a fade. It is quite common as it works with every type of hair.

What is says: This hairstyle certainly points to the young at heart. Men who sport a fade are definitely concerned about their looks and take grooming seriously as fades usually need to be maintained by regular barbershop visits. They also tend to be stylish.

Coloured hair

Save for the traditional hair colouring on men, hair dye has for a long time been perceived as a preserve of women. However, in modern times, men have not been left behind and have successfully joined the coloured hair bandwagon. It is now common to see them sporting either highlights or fully dyed hair.

What is says: Whether in dreadlocks, short hair or other hairstyles, men who colour their hair are daring, adventurous and are usually fun to be around. Like their dreadlocked counterparts, these men are usually in creative industries and are expressive. Hair colour for men, and no, not black dye, is basically code for “I am open-minded and I like to try new things.”


As much as Afros are not as popular as they were in the past couple of decades, some men have maintained this signature hairstyle for most black people. By growing their hair out and leaving it in that gravity-defying state, they are embracing their crown.

What is says: Men who have Afros are said to be more understanding of women as they can relate to women’s hair struggles. They are also assertive about themselves as Afros are viewed as self-expression.

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