Why feminism is good for men

Feminism has become synonymous with man-hating. Some men view feminists as aggressive, bossy, bitter or even unattractive women. What people however fail to understand is that it benefits all of

  • PublishedMarch 5, 2020

Feminism has become synonymous with man-hating. Some men view feminists as aggressive, bossy, bitter or even unattractive women. What people however fail to understand is that it benefits all of humanity. By definition it is the advocacy that men and women should be equal politically, economically and socially. Feel like feminism puts you at a disadvantage? Take a look at these points that prove otherwise:

It is good for the economy

Today most men suffer because they grew up with the idea that they are the ultimate providers, and without money they are nothing. If all women stayed in the kitchen and looked after the kids the economy would be in shambles. Imagine if all they did was wait for the men in their lives provide everything. Keeping women from employment is a power play but that would translate to less resources in the family.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom or wife, especially if the decision comes from the woman herself. Still, country needs women in all sectors of the work force to keep the economic wheels turning. You know it is possible from how mothers have had to step up after losing their partners. It would be retrogressive to desire that people go back after such progress.

Better Sex

Nothing dries up a vagina like oppression. Marriages where domestic duties are shared record frequent and better quality sex. Imagine if you had to come home after a long day’s work only to go into mommy mode. It is irksome to be expected to wait on someone who has been laying on a couch, unwilling to make your life easier. Is it a wonder how divorce rates are skyrocketing? More women don’t see marriage as a fairytale but rather as a work contract. So do the dishes every now and then, pick the kids up from school and see how good the sex gets.

Fights for male victims of abuse

Because of feminism, the definition of rape has changed to include everyone. Before it used to be “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly”. Now rape is defined as all forms of penetration. Rape is rape and it does not discriminate.

Both men and women are equally victims and perpetrators. Thanks to this reform male victims of all abuse can pursue justice and treatment without shame. This is because they have allies in feminist groups. Learn more about male sexual abuse.

Allows men to seek mental health

Patriarchy has pushed men into cocoons of what defines a man, and most men bear this burden painfully. As such, they have been conditioned to never acknowledge their emotions, to never express them, to never speak about domestic abuse because they will be deemed weak.

Feminism breaks the barriers on what defines a man and a woman. Most victims of suicide are men, and this stems from their inability to express their feelings because that would be ‘womanish’.

Legally ensures both sexes are treated equally

It is no secret that women get shorter or lenient sentences for the same crimes. To prove that feminism not only has benefits but due consequences for women, it works on changing that. This might not be highlighted as much or you might think feminists go quiet at this point.

However the truth is fighting for equality forces you to take a look in the mirror. One must acknowledge their priviledge and be willing to give it up if it gives them undue advantage.

Their campaigns benefit both sexes

The oppressed know oppression. What this means is feminists have been at the forefront of campaigns fighting for equal rights for other marginalized groups. Women fight for the disabled, poor, refugees, LGBTQ and others in need of it.

When help is needed the less fortunate from all genders get it. Women are only remembered to be nurturers when raising kids is involved but it goes far past that. So before you brand feminists as selfish do put that into consideration.

Girls can fight too

We do it presently because now we can get drafted in the armed forces. These are benefits we all enjoy because of pioneers who fought for our independence – Mekatilili wa Menza, Muthoni Kirima, Wambui Otieno and mary Muthoni Nyanjiru. These are all women who aided greatly in the fight against colonialism.

Women were also killed, jailed and tortured alongside their male counterparts, only to be overlooked when the fight was won. Let’s not forget Wangari Maathai’s impact on matters environmental and Charity Ngilu and her likes politically. This goes to show that when it comes down to it women will fight against a common enemy.

Reproductive health

The fight for women to have autonomy over their bodies is inclusive of all. No, it’s not just loose girls trying to get abortions but its your mother and sister’s health. Take planned parenthood for instance and other organizations like it. They offer their services to everyone.

You can talk to professionals about your reproductive concerns and get affordable if not free drugs. Counseling is offered for sexual abuse victims so they can go on with their lives. They also advice on family planning which unjustly just falls on women.

Liberating women also gives men more freedom

When women are free to move into spaces traditionally reserved for men, it opens doors for men. Feminism has allowed men be nurses, teachers, hairdressers, stay at home dads and fashion designers. All honest jobs but previously seen only fit for women.

Let’s face it, not everybody is cut out to be or wants to be a doctor. There are millions of other job vacancies to be filled and gender shouldn’t get in the way. Men and women can thrive anywhere they have the drive to.

Makes women to recognize their faults

In the pursuit for a more equal society, feminism challenges women to recognize patterns in their behaviours that contributes to their woes as women, and to men. It forces women to acknowledge that they too can be toxic partners to their spouses and children. Feminism looks at the problems of the society and makes apparent the contribution of both genders to them.

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