Why is domestic violence on the rise in Kenya?

  • PublishedAugust 17, 2018

Reports of domestic violence have increased in the recent past. While in some instances the violence has escalated to deaths, others have left unforgettable scars. HENRY KAHARA sought to find out the reason behind the increase in domestic violence and sampled some of your views.

Godfrey Ikiyu

I blame it on unfaithfulness. Nowadays, fidelity is a rare virtue among married people. When a spouse gets to learn that their partner is not faithful, they get annoyed and sometimes revenge by killing them. This is a moral issue and we all have a part to play to make our families work. If you are married, be faithful to your partner and teach your children the same. People should also learn to manage their anger. It’s best to let your unfaithful partner go rather than kill them.

Macy Lelan

Marriage has been under threat since the days of Adam and Eve and so I feel it’s the devil who is fighting this institution. The many cases of domestic violence that we have witnessed are not normal. There is an evil spirit that wants to destroy what God has blessed. I think it’s time for us to approach it with prayers. We need to pray for families since a strong family is equivalent to a strong nation.

Millie Mburu

I think poor communication and women empowerment are the main causes of domestic violence in our society today. These two have hurt men’s ego, making them feel inferior. As a result, men are fighting to regain their position in the society. In as much as I am for girl child empowerment, I also feel we have forgotten the boy child. So who will marry these girls? Effective communication should also be adopted at the family level to avoid misunderstandings.

Jenniffer Njogu

Traditionally, parents used to take a lot of time with their children and they would advise them on the kind of people to marry. Today’s parents are busy chasing life and don’t have time with their children, meaning they miss a chance to instil values in them. On the same note, currently, people don’t date; they marry a few months after their first meeting. This does not give them the opportunity to know each other well and hence turn against each other in frustration when a misunderstanding arises.

Brolins Zack

Pressure to keep up with the Joneses brings tension in the marriage. There are some spouses who like comparing their partners with others and rarely do they appreciate their partners even when they have done something great. This can be demoralising and may cause fights in a family. On the same breath, the high cost of living is affecting many families and spouses end up quarrelling due to the financial strain.

Caroline Mynor

The fear of God is no longer there among people. Today’s generation has neglected religious teachings hence eroding their morals. That’s why most young people are currently seeking solace in drugs and alcohol abuse and in response you find them fighting and they end up killing each other. For our families to be safe, we have to go back to God.

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