A study led by Prof Henry Mutembei and Dr Ambrose Kipyegon Ng’eno of University of Nairobi, suggests that food produced using water from polluted Nairobi rivers, including the popular Sukuma Wiki, could be hurting the fertility of men living in Nairobi.

The study shows that many mature male pigs feeding from rivers in Dandora, Mathare, and Kibera have developed abnormal testicles, while undescended testicles in piglets have been blamed on their sewer-drinking mothers.

The harmful chemicals found in the water have also been linked to the development of several cancers in men and women namely, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Putting this evidence together, the researchers suggest that men and boys may be facing a similar fate with the boars and male piglets in Nairobi.


Source: Standard Digital