Developing a strong friendship before getting into a romantic relationship is important as it improves the chances of the relationship surviving hard times.

Unfortunately, a good number of couples do not consider getting to know each before beginning a  relationship. The result is regret once things don't work out in a couple of weeks or months.

Once the shallow interest and lust are taken out of the equation, a couple may discover that they do not like anything about each other or if any, there is nothing substantial.

Here are 5 reasons why you should build a friendship before you start dating.

Better communication

When talking to a friend, things just seem to flow easier than when talking to someone you are just getting to know. There is no hesitation in letting them know they have offended you or you prefer something else than their suggestion.

A strong friendship does not mean you lose your voice. You will still have differing opinions about some things and this is still okay. Starting from a friendship just allows you an your partner to solve problems better.  

Strong chemistry

In most cases, the transition from friends to lovers is so smooth that some people might forget that the couples were ever just friends at the beginning. The chemistry between the two is usually undeniable.

This shows how comfortable they are with each other even prior to the relationship, and this only grows with time, it will definitely be a huge advantage in many stages of life.

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You get to know them

Most friendships begin when people who have something in common get together. Hobbies, same taste in food, work etc, can easily get the ball rolling.

Such mutual interests allow you to know the other person on a deeper level while avoiding the monotony of asking common questions. The connection formed during such times can be sustained even when you are both old and gray.

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It is easier to have fun with your friend

When you have known someone for some time, you have probably established trust. Therefore, it is much easier to let loose around them.

Spending time together doing anything, from reading books to going on vacation, and everything in between, with a lover who is also a friend, can make anything extremely entertaining.

It is also a bonus when you can share a laugh that leaves both of you in tears and catching your breath, over even the simplest things. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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Love, trust & respect

When you are friends with your partner, you most likely have developed love, trust and respect towards each other. As a result, both of you will go to any length to protect each other's feelings and chances of cheating, lying, hiding things and lacking respect are greatly reduced.

Who else would you want to cheat with anyway? If something specific is not being satisfied, you're comfortable enough to communicate this in a way that is not hurtful.

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In conclusion...  

Long-lasting relationships can only be achieved with time, effort and having a genuine interest in knowing the other person.

Spending time together doing a wide range of things, that you both have interests in will open the doors to even trying new things and knowing things about each other without the generic 'first date questions'.

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